DST Programme Guidelines

1. Training programmes, workshops, conferences to be conducted under Schedule Caste Sub-Plan (SCSP)/Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) on the following broad thematic areas:

2. Following are broad categories under which financial support shall be provided for quality proposals to SC/ST (Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes) Principal Investigators (PI’s):

3. Project Investigator (PI) of the Project must belong to Schedule Caste (SC)/Schedule Tribe (ST).

4. Permanent position holding Academicians, Scientists, Technologists and other Practicing Researchers who belong to SC/ST community and affiliated to recognised academic, research institutions and registered scientific societies, State S&T Councils etc.

5. While conducting national level Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/Brain Storming programmes, PI/Host Institute should ensure that maximum benefit will reach to the SC/ST community. Public Funded institutes shall be given preference.

6. Under school awareness programme, preference will be given to proposals who can raise 25% of the total cost from the State Govt./CSR etc.

7. All NGO’s/trusts etc. should have valid registration with NGO Darpan portal of NITI Aayog (https://ngodarpan.gov.in).

8. All applicants should provide the University/Institute PFMS (Public Financial Management System) unique code and mapped to SC/ST scheme of DST. If PFMS code is not available, please provide the bank account details of the university/Institute be mapped to SC/ST Scheme.

9. For Private Funded Institutes/NGO’s, only one activity (Training /workshop /conference /awareness programme) will be considered.

10. Please orient your proposal objective to a few specific outputs, which could be possible in a duration of 12 months to 18 months (max).

11. It may be ensured that the permanent registration number/ file number/ letter number (given by DST) and title of the Proposal are quoted in all subsequent communications.

12. It is expected that PI and Co-PI will remain in the service of the Organization throughout the duration of the proposal.

13. ICPS encourages multi-institutional consortium based networked proposals.

14. PI has to provide the following certificates along with the application form. Standard format is provided.

15. Proposals will be approved as per standard DST Rules and Regulations.

16. DST reserves the right to terminate the Project at any stage if it is convinced that the grant has not been properly utilized or satisfactory progress is not being made.

17. Deemed University will be encouraged for conducting national Conference & Workshop.

18. Engineering collages & technical Institute will be encouraged only for trainings and workshops.

19. The last date for electronic submission only is 30th November 2019. No proposals shall be entertained after the last date.

20. Application can be submitted through online submission at onlinedst.gov.in

21. For more information, details and info on ICPS programme, visit www.dst.gov.in and for any queries, contact:

Satyakam, mobile: 99102 33972
Anurag, mobile: 98108 69074

Annexure I


PROJECT TITLE __________________________________________________________________________________

  1. We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the DST grant.
  2. We have not submitted this or a similar project proposal elsewhere for financial support.
  3. We have explored and ensured that equipment and basic facilities will actually be available as and when required for the purpose of the project.
  4. We shall not request financial support under this project, for procurement of these items.
  5. We undertake that spare time on permanent equipment will be made available to other users.
  6. We have enclosed the following materials:
Item Number of Copies
Endorsement from the Head of Institution (on letter head) One
Certificate from the Investigator One
SC/ ST certificate from PI One

Date ....... Name & Signature of Principal Investigator Name & Signature of
Place ......

Annexure II



PROJECT TITLE __________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Certified that the Institute welcomes participation of Dr./Shri/Smt./Km. ____________________ as the Principal Investigator and Dr./Shri/Smt./Km. _____________________________________________________ as the Co-Investigator for the project and that in the unforeseen event of discontinuance by the Principal Investigator, the Co-Investigator will assume the responsibility for the fruitful completion of the project (after obtaining consent in advance from DST).
  2. Certified that the Principal Investigator of the project belongs to SC/ST category.
  3. Certified that the equipment, other basic facilities and such other administrative facilities as per terms and conditions of the grant, will be extended to investigator (s) throughout the duration of the project.
  4. Institute assures financial and other managerial responsibilities of the project.
  5. Certified that the organization has never been blacklisted by any department of the State Government or Central Government.

Date ....... Name & Signature of Head of Institution
Place ......